About CollegeVine

CollegeVine is on a mission to become the trusted source of lifelong guidance for the next generation, helping millions of families find paths toward better life outcomes.

Why start with college admissions guidance?

Over the years, we have become increasingly concerned with the high school to workforce transition generally, in which college is but one of many paths. Nonetheless, for the many families who choose this path, the college process has become a confusing and difficult road to navigate, with some students not even thinking about college until their senior year. Not to mention, most families are grossly under-resourced.


Did you know that the average student-to-school counselor ratio in US public schools is 472:1? Did you also know that, because of this low school counselor-to-student ratio, students on average only receive about 38 minutes with their school counselor over their 4-year tenure?

These eye-opening statistics inspired us to find a solution to scale personalized, reliable guidance—so that all students are able to receive an acceptable baseline of support for an important life decision.

We support families to —

  • Get clear, personalized guidance and create a plan
  • Understand their student’s real chances at colleges, and how to improve them
  • Build a balanced school list
  • Craft and organize essays
  • Know what the next step is and how to move forward

What does free guidance for all students look like?

We’ve provided millions of students with free guidance content through our blog posts and livestreams for over ten years — and now we’re bringing free personalized guidance to help every student through their college admissions journey with a comprehensive set of tools on our all-in-one platform.


If you’re like one of the millions of families that have made us part of their journey, you probably have a long list of questions about the college admissions process and are unsure where to find the right answers. When you sign up for CollegeVine, you get customized guidance powered by real data that’s unique to you and your individual needs—all for free!

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