We built CollegeVine for families like you.

Most students don’t get the guidance they need in high school. We’re leveling the playing field by combining smart people who care with incredible tech and data.


Our mission is to close the growing guidance gap in US high schools. Consider these alternate, but very real, scenarios:

The very best private schools

Students are automatically paired with their own college counselor, someone who will guide them through the entire college process. It starts with helping determine their unique passions and interests. Then it’s everything from choosing the perfect school list to crafting an amazing resume and unbeatable college essay. Oh, and it starts as early as freshman year at some schools.

Public schools

Students receive virtually zero personalized attention. It's not the guidance counselors' fault — their budgets keep getting slashed while their responsibilities keep increasing. So in reality, their job is just to make sure you get in somewhere, never mind where you’ll actually fit in, grow as a person, and want to spend the next 4 years of your life. Some students never even discuss college until senior year.

Public high school students live this reality:

38 minutes

Guidance time an average student receives from their public school across 4 years


Average ratio of guidance counselors to students in US public schools

Meet the Team behind CollegeVine

Our Co-Founders – Zack, Johan, Vinay, and Mohan

Meet the team

We started the company in 2013, after discovering for ourselves that most high schoolers simply don’t have enough support to make informed decisions about getting through high school and the admissions process. Today, CollegeVine is the leader in virtual guidance services for high school families.

Learn about the passionate team that works tirelessly to support our consultants and earn our customers' trust year after year.

Results & Testimonials


average scholarship size won by our students


likelihood of acceptance at top colleges


of our students are accepted to 1 of their top 3 choices


families would recommend CollegeVine

Kavin S.

Student, accepted to Princeton University

My CollegeVine mentor was someone I would go to whenever I needed guidance. He offered his advice and tips throughout high school which helped me overcome academic challenges. He was someone who was there for me whenever I had a question. I am fortunate to have his friendship and guidance.

A. W.

Parent, son accepted to UMich

CollegeVine is simply amazing. The guidance is personalized, ensuring that the student receives the help they need, rather than generic aid. Additionally, CollegeVine is there to push students to work harder. It keeps students on track in a way that does not feel overwhelming.


Parent, CollegeVine Class of 2021

Excellent... just excellent. CollegeVine was worth it just for the scholarships (it pays back and then some), not even mentioning the help for colleges. A+.


Parent, CollegeVine Class of 2022

You guys are the best when it comes to helping students with their apps and essay writing! No comparison to any one!! I will recommend you guys over anyone else out there!!!

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    Since our inception, we have worked with pro bono students who did not have the financial means to use a college advisor, helping them gain acceptance and scholarships to Harvard, UC Berkeley, and a number of other schools. Helping students who do not have advantages is a central part of our mission and who we are.

    Meet a few of our students

    Chuk E.

    Accepted to UC Berkeley

    Chuk was accepted to UC Berkeley with a financial aid package covering full tuition for four years, free airfare, room and board, dining, paid study abroad and internship sourcing, and a stipend for other miscellaneous expenses.

    Ben H.

    Harvard Class of 2021

    An extremely talented student from the West Coast, Ben was completely on his own in applying to college. Ben was also seeking significant financial aid to pay for college. He was ultimately accepted to Harvard, UChicago, and more.

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