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Most students don’t get the guidance they need in high school. We’re leveling the playing field by offering expert college guidance — all in one free platform.

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Welcome to CollegeVine

We started CollegeVine in 2013 after discovering first-hand that most high schoolers simply don’t have enough support to make informed decisions about getting through high school and the admissions process.

CollegeVine quickly became the leader in virtual guidance services for high school families, providing one-on-one guidance for students in every year of high school. Students worked with consultants to improve their college applications, essays, and test scores in order to increase their chances of admission. We helped students 3x their chances of getting into top schools, raise their SAT scores significantly, and get average scholarships of $83,000 to make college affordable.

But we knew that having paid services meant some students still couldn't utilize our expert guidance, which is why we decided to shift away from service-based programs. Today, we’ve taken our data points and learnings and turned them into an online guidance platform that’s free and accessible to all. We’re transforming the admissions experience for all students with our easy-to-use platform and expert advice.

Why is the college admissions playing field so unfair?

Did you know most public high school students on average only get 38 minutes with their school counselor? That eye-opening statistic inspired us to find a solution to level the playing field of college admissions, so that all students could receive quality guidance for an important life decision.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to close the growing guidance gap in US high schools. Consider these alternate, but very real, scenarios:

The very best private schools

Students are automatically paired with their own college counselor, someone who will guide them through the entire college process. It starts with helping determine their unique passions and interests. Then it’s everything from choosing the perfect school list to crafting an amazing resume and unbeatable college essay. Oh, and it starts as early as freshman year at some schools.

Public schools

Students struggle to receive personalized attention. It's not the school counselors' fault — their budgets keep getting slashed while their responsibilities keep increasing. So in reality, their job is just to make sure you get in somewhere, never mind where you’ll actually fit in, grow as a person, and want to spend the next 4 years of your life. Some students never even discuss college until senior year.

Here’s how we’re bringing free guidance to all students

We’ve provided millions of students with free guidance content through our blog posts and livestreams for over four years — and now we’re bringing free personalized guidance to help every student through the college admissions journey.

If you’re like one of the 10,000+ students we’ve personally worked with, you probably have a long list of questions about the college admissions process and are unsure where to find the right answers. When you sign up for CollegeVine, you get the equivalent of a private school counselor — for free!

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Get expert guidance right now

Our free platform was built to help students receive personalized guidance that is necessary for success in college admissions. We want to make sure students can easily do the following:

Calculate Your Chances

Improve your odds by understanding how your profile stacks up. We are the only chancing tool that can accurately take into account high-impact items such as extracurriculars.

Build Your College List

Our platform helps you put together a balanced school list. We take into account chances, preferences, outcomes, and ROI.

Receive Personalized Recommendations

Tell us what you've done so far toward college applications — and we'll tell you what to do next.

Create an Admissions Plan

Reduce your stress by understanding what comes next in the college process.

Manage and Write Your Essays

Organize all the essays that need to be completed for college applications.

See how your profile stacks up

Understand how your current profile compares to other students and what areas you need to improve in order to attend your dream school!

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