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CollegeVine is a professional network where students publish beautiful profiles to get recruited by colleges.

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How it works

Professional student profiles
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Recruit better with AI

Our AI Recruiter operates on your behalf in our network of millions of highly engaged students for 10x recruiting outcomes and efficiency.

Professional student profiles

On CollegeVine, students publish beautiful student profiles for the explicit purpose of getting recruited by institutions like yours. Through their profile, access all the data you need to communicate effectively.

Mutual connections

In our network, students and colleges send connection requests to each other. Only when both sides say yes is a connection formed. Then, you can export them to your CRM.

Scarce, two-way opt-in = better results

Students have a limited number of connections they can make. This forced scarcity combined with the two-way nature of connections means that when you connect with a student, it’s a strong signal they want to be recruited by you.

On average, 20% of connections apply to our partners.

Over 2 million students

We work with over 7,000 high schools. School counselors create profiles for their high school and invite their students to the network.

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