How to Get Into a BS MD Program

Applying to 7-year med programs? Here's what you need to know.

The BS MD Application Is Extremely Competitive

7 Year Med Programs Overview

7 and 8 year guaranteed admission (BS/MD) medical programs are a lower-stress fast track to the medical profession. By reducing MCAT and GPA thresholds and effectively eliminating the need to tailor one’s resume almost exclusively around activities that appeal to medical schools, BS/MD and BS/DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) programs allow prospective physicians to have a more restful and balanced undergraduate experience while still accelerating the timeline on their career.

But because these programs are so attractive, they are also incredibly competitive. A mid or even low tier BS/MD program has a lower acceptance rate than most Ivy League Schools, and the students all have profiles better than the average student at Harvard.

The Truth About 7-Year Med Programs Nationwide


Percent offered interviews


Percent accepted after interview


Average number of students accepted to a BSMD program

What are the stages of the BS MD application process?

The BS MD Application

Accelerated medical programs have extremely different selection processes than the undergraduate institutions that host them.

First, the standards are always much higher – this is because medical schools must already be convinced the student is already a good match for the field despite being a high schooler.

Common stats for accelerated programs include being in the top 10% of the class, earning a 1560+ SAT score, and having stellar medical extracurriculars.

The Interview Process

If you make it past the first round and are offered an interview, your profile is no longer relevant to your admissions decision — in the eyes of the committee, you have the exact same chances as all other candidates that made it to the interview stage.

The sole differentiator now is your performance during the interview process, a process that cuts 80% of applicants. This cutthroat process is usually conducted over one or more weekends in a mini interview format.

Your Application Decision

Due to the prestige of these programs and the sheer number of qualified applicants that wish to attend, it’s no surprise that most top accelerated programs have lower acceptance rates than Harvard.

The most important way to be prepared is to be knowledgeable on the entire process and the relative importance of each step – interviews are the big gateway.

How We Help Students Navigate the BSMD Process

Write stand-out BS MD application essays

Applying to BSMD programs is not quite the same as applying to most colleges. BSMD admissions officers are looking for different traits, so essays needs to be written with different considerations in mind. We've worked with hundreds of students, so we know what admissions officers are looking for.

Work with a consultant 1 on 1

All of our BS MD specialists come from top colleges and are trained in our expert BS MD curricula. The entire process is 1-on-1, maximizing the individualized attention and guidance you’ll receive from your specialist.

Resume And Application Branding

Just as BS MD admissions officers are looking for certain narratives in the essays, so too are they looking for specific experiences on your resume. We'll show you which activities should be highlighted to signal your suitability for a BS MD program.

The Interview is a Significant Factor

Personal Interview Coach

Your interview preparation will be conducted by one of our BS MD specialists trained in our expert BS MD curricula and hailing from one of the best colleges in the world.

Interview Overview

Our first session is a comprehensive overview of the BS MD interview process, geared towards the top programs. The session covers interview logistics, conduct, profile development, and strategies to make the most of specific interviews and program weekends. You’ll gain intensive insight into everything from what to wear to how to answer the most difficult questions.

Four Mock Interviews

Practice is critical to hone the skills you’ll learn in the first session. Our interview program includes four mock interview sessions, in which you will simulate actual interviews conducted by our interview specialists. Each mock interview will present you with real questions you will be asked on the big day and concludes with an in-depth analysis of each answer you give.

Interview Cheat Sheet

After your mock interviews are completed, you’ll walk away with our BS MD interview cheat sheet, which includes a bank of all possible interview questions. We also provide “good” and “bad” answers to each question. Finally, the sheet reviews the key takeaways from the course so that you can continue reviewing our materials before your scheduled interviews.

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