Conquer college applications

Conquer college applications

Applying to college is a stressful process for most students. Make the journey a little smoother with guidance from the experts.

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Understand what needs to get done

Applying to college means managing numerous deadlines and to-dos, including submitting test scores, getting recommendation letters, sending school transcripts, submitting essays, and much more! Multiply that by each application and you have a lot to manage.

Your own admissions timeline

Students have over 80 items to check off their lists during applications season. We’ll let you know what to do now and next in order to manage your time and stay on track to college success.

Receive guidance at each step

It’s important to never miss a deadline — we’ll help you do that by organizing all your items in a single location. That means you don’t need to sift through multiple school websites and the Common App to stay on track.

Manage all to-dos in one place

It’s not enough to know what tasks to do if you don’t know how to approach them. Get detailed guidance each step of the way toward getting accepted to your dream school!

A detailed college plan

Build a strong school list

We know that the college search process can be overwhelming with hundreds of schools to choose from — so we're making it easier. Start out by calculating your chances to your dream schools. Then, browse other schools based on your chances and preferences. Finally, build a solid college list that will ensure you'll end up at the right college for you.

Understand Your Chances

Understand your chances

Our Chancing Engine uses over 100,000 data points to calculate your real chances of admission to hundreds of schools. Get your chances right now.

Explore hundreds of schools

Finding the best-fit schools to apply to is an important first step in your admissions journey. We'll recommend schools based on your chances, goals, and preferences so that you can make an informed long-term decision.

Explore hundreds of schools
College list

Create a balanced list

In order to ensure you end up at a college you love, you need to create a balanced list of reach, target, and safety schools that you will enjoy attending. We’ll help you build a balanced school list and understand your real chances.

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Write amazing college essays

Your essays can help boost your applications significantly. We’re experts on college essays, having helped thousands of students craft compelling essays that stand out during the admissions process. When you create a free account, you can find all the essays you need to write for the schools on your list and manage the essay writing process.

Manage all your college essays

In addition to the Common App essays you’ll most likely need to write— each school can have its own list of supplemental essays. Manage all of the essays you're writing in one place by creating a free account.

Get expert essay-writing tips

We’ve read thousands of college essays, so we know the pitfalls to avoid and what will capture an admissions officer’s attention. We’ve also collected school-specific tips to help you write amazing college essays.

Create essays that stand-out

Most admissions officers only have a few minutes to evaluate each application. This means your essay needs to stand-out. We’ll help you understand what willl make admissions officers remember you.

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