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Good Essays Are Extremely Rare

A college essay is not an academic essay, it’s not an essay that you would write in English class, and it’s not an essay that most English teachers have been trained to help write (trust us on that last part). College essays are a completely unique type of writing that somehow became one of the most important parts of a college application — despite the fact that almost no student is ever really taught how to write them in high school.

Students that have never written successful college essays execute at least one of the three components of essays incorrectly: theme, concept, and style. These three components must have synergy; your theme informs the concept, which in turn requires a style that reflects the theme. Much of this is extremely subtle, but the psychological response by admissions officers to even small nuances can completely change the success of an essay. But perhaps the biggest mistake students make is clicking the “submit” button for an essay that was only reviewed by older friends. Even if they attend a top school, you don’t know if they were accepted for a completely different profile and in fact wrote subpar college essays (we know this can be especially true because we reject about 80% of the applicants from the Ivy League that want to work for us).

Essay Topics That Should Be Avoided

Most students center their college essays on the following topics, all of which (unless written extremely carefully with the right lenses) are usually unsuccessful or highly clichéd.

Many applicants are convinced that a touching or powerful story about what they learned from a relative forms a solid essay. This essay is probably the most common essay submitted each year – thousands of students write about their relatives and often do so in a manner that either focuses too much on the relative, or comes across as extremely cliché.
Common App essays should almost never be about sports; this is perhaps the second most common essay written annually. The story is always the same; the writer has a strong passion for a game/team, works extremely hard but loses some competition or fails to keep up in some manner, vacillates on his or her commitment, and then finally does the impossible after having an epiphany. Your essay needs to be more unique than this.
Regardless if it is or isn’t, the fact that so many people write this essay works against the idea that it is unique. You can always weave in components of your cultural background into an essay, or indirectly speak to it through a vehicle, however using your cultural background as the central focus of an essay is rarely successful.

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Preliminary Draft

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Our Essay Ideation Process

A Unique Approach

The CollegeVine essay method is a revolutionary, multi-step process that is designed to maximize the quality and the uniqueness of every one of your college essays. By helping to generate unique material that illustrates core tenets of your personality and aesthetically enhancing its presentation, we’ll make sure your essays are one of the strongest components of your application.

Help from Start to Finish

No matter where you are in your essays, from brainstorming to the final polish, we’re here to help. Starting with helping you thematically answer your question, we’ll take your solid idea through the entire drafting process until the final parallelism addition or last grammar correction. No matter when deadlines are or the number of essays you have, we’re on standby until you’re accepted.

Individualized Attention

When you sign up for essay assistance, you work one-on-one with an Ivy League or equivalent essay specialist on all of your college essays. Not only will this person serve as a centralized point of contact throughout the entire application process, but also he or she will gradually come to understand the key personality traits you want to showcase – and weave them into your essays.

Additional Application Services

Interview Preparation

While the college interview rarely can bar a student from admission on its own, a perfect interview and the interviewer’s subsequent recommendation can substantially raise an applicant’s chances. Our program walks you through the entire interview including questions asked, themes to convey, and accomplishments to tactfully present. We even do mock interviews for your schools so that you can be stress free and ready to crush the interview. And to date, we have successfully predicted 93% of interview questions for all of our students – and we’ve taught them how to successfully navigate the curveballs that make up the last 7%.

Application Formatting

When students with perfect academics, extracurriculars, and essays are rejected, most of the time it is because they filled out their applications poorly. While the activity list is difficult to fill out for obvious reasons, there are more subtle components of the application that almost every student misses. How should you concisely include multiple accolades for one activity? Between two awards for an activity, which should you put first? You might be an impressive applicant, but is your application really showing that? Our seasoned team of application editors will help you fill out your entire application, ensuring admissions officers understand who you really are.

Waitlist/Deferral Assistance

Sometimes, your application can slip through the cracks and can be deferred or waitlisted. Don’t fret; contrary to what most schools say, there is in fact a process by which students can substantially increase their chances of being admitted in the regular round or off the waitlist. Our program of waitlist and deferral assistance provides a targeted process to have the school revisit your application, recognize your strengths, and forgive your weaknesses. Often this involves rebranding your application, or even substantially enhancing your extracurricular profile. Should anything go wrong this cycle, CollegeVine can help you salvage your admissions chances.

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