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Brown prospective students

Introducing Shane - Brown 2020 Grad

Welcome to the Brown prospective student community 🎉 This is a place for students hoping to learn more about Brown and connect with other potential applicants.

@ShaneNiesen graduated from Brown in 2020 and majored in history. He'll be available in this community to answer questions about Brown.

There are a few easy ways to participate:

1. Create a new post — If you have a specific question for Shane or other high school students, create a new question. If you want to discuss an open-ended topic related to Brown, create a new discussion.

2. Help others — You can answer questions or reply to discussions! Our community is known for students who help each other instead of compete. Perhaps you had the opportunity to visit Brown before the pandemic or did extensive research on the school? Share that knowledge with others!

3. Watch videos — Check out the "Events" tab to find helpful videos about Brown!

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What was the statistics of last year acceptance rate for test-optional? Brown is my only choice, but I am thinking about test-optional route, and I'm not sure if that's a smart move or not?


4 months ago

It has always been my dream to attend Brown University and I'm very grateful to have found this online community!


6 months ago

I'm also interested in studying history at Brown or a similar school with an open curriculum!


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