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Brown prospective students

The Open Curriculum

How has the open curriculum at Brown affected your educational experience? Do you think it's too freeing or do you think it's a great opportunity to explore your interests? Any comments are welcome.


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2 months ago

Keep in mind this forum is for prospective students so you might want to look elsewhere for a response from grads or enrolled students. That being said, Brown is my dream school and I have done a lot of research on this subject.

A lot of people report really positively on the effect of an open curriculum. Especially if you want to do further schooling after college (med/law school) it has been known to be a perfect opportunity to establish other passions, talents, and interests.

Where problems arise are for those who are indecisive, bad at long-term planning, or overly impulsive. 1. If you are heavily indecisive then obviously this is a bad decision for you because you would face the burden of choosing between a huge and vast selection of courses. 2. You still need to remember to meet the requirements of your major. 3. You should look into classes deeply before you sign up for them.


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