4 months ago
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Why did it say that my 200 karma was returned when I went to scholarship dashboard?

Is it because I hit the back button or something?

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Accepted Answer
4 months ago

Each week to enter the scholarships you have to submit a karma bid. If you win that bid is exchanged for money. However, if you do not win, your karma bid is returned to you.

Hope this helps! Good luck, I hope you win :)

4 months ago

Hey @not4u2nv!

Thanks for writing in about this! Looks like you already have a response for this, but I just wanted to chime in and confirm that your Karma bid is returned when you don't win the scholarship entry. So there's nothing you did wrong on your end, the Karma is returned to encourage you to continue using some of the awesome features on our site or enter to win another scholarship.

I hope that helps!


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