6 months ago
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I got banned for no reason?

So I was reviewing someone's essay and they just had a link in their essay, so I couldn't comment 5 times and couldn't complete the review.

Now I can't review essays for 24 hours because I didn't review his essay even though I couldn't (there was nothing to review)

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6 months ago

I’d recommend to email support@collegevine.com and explain the circumstances and you should be able to get any karma fee refunded (I believe there’s a karma fee at least) and you should get your record wiped. It’s a good idea to find the essay number where in reviews done you should have a link (not sure if there’s one for incomplete however) and then find the number string in the url and that’s the essay number for refrence.

Additionally just for future reference you’s you’ll be able to stack highlighted comments on top of one another. This was true as of 4 months at least.


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