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Peer Editing Review Suggestions

1.) Would it be possible to make the Peer Editing be more interactive between the author and the editor? I feel like it would be helpful to have some discussion, so I could better help people I am editing for. For example, I edited an essay for a girl who was learning English, and due to the language barrier, she used some words that didn't entirely work in her essay. If I had been able to discuss what she meant, I could have suggested some words that might have fit better.

2.) Would it be possible for the reviewer to look at the full essay before committing to reviewing it? I feel like I would be more comfortable committing to editing an essay if I have more of an idea what I am looking at. I could gauge if I am a good fit for editing the essay based on how my values/life experience match with that of the author. There should definitely be a time limit for previewing the essay to make things more private and efficient.


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3 years ago

Thanks for reaching out about this and for sharing your feedback on our peer editing feature. We've certainly gotten similar suggestions in the past for #1 where users may have a question come up during a review, I'd love to hear how you think we can implement this more interactive approach to essay peer editing!

As for #2, users aren't given access to the entire essay before committing to the review as a precaution for potential plagiarism. Users could potentially read over several essays and never claim them. It's also helpful to review essays that may be outside of your comfort zone to help sharpen those editing skills!

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