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Will this site help in finding a school for a PhD?

I have as follows: 1 AAS, 1 BS, 1 MSc degree’s and am an employee at a state university which has an employee degree program. I would like to earn a PhD. I am at the very minimum equivalent in knowledge to almost every PhD in my field, if not among the experts as it is a very limited field and I regularly work with the “experts”.

I am looking to find out if this website has any resources for those in a similar position as myself.

I have:

1480 PSAT (mid-late 90’s, and letter of commendation from National Merit Honor Scholorship)

1380 SAT ( a year later, maybe 1996, leading to Letter of commendation from Nation Hispanic Merit Honor Scholarship, as well as progressing to the semi-finals). 99% in both math/verbal.

~1380 GRE ( 2006, while recovering from emergency 2 week earlier thoracic repair surgery, having been in middle of mild opiate withdrawal as ran out of pain management medication the day before.) was 99% in verbal and I think 98% in math.

-1280 GRE? ( I forget exactly maybe 2016... but had screwed up as had extremely bad influenza at the time and fell down a very long hot escalator in NYC subway, they are steep and in this case went a number of floors and I was told either I went and took it or I got 0. I still beat 98% of the other clowns testing that year once again.....

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3 years ago

Hi @DBel - thanks for posting your question. Right now, CollegeVine is focused on helping high school students pursue their undergraduate degrees, so unfortunately you won't find much guidance on applying to PhD programs.

Good luck with your next chapter!

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