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Hi, I live abroad and don't have access to AP or Honors classes. Irl this shouldn't be a problem with admissions, but it's messing with my chancing scores even though I've indicated that my school does not offer AP courses. What can I do?

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I think the colleges consider where you are and the opportunities you have when reviewing the application.

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Hey there!

Thanks for reaching out about this! Since admissions officers are aware of the curriculum and course choices at your school, the lack of AP courses certainly should not hurt chances of admissions. As for our chancing calculator, it will account for what you've entered into your profile and not necessarily what is missing.

If there are any honors-type courses offered at your school that you've taken, you can also count each of these classes as AP classes and set the total number of APs available to you as equal to the number you have taken. This may help with your chancing scores!

I hope this helps!


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