27 days ago
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Why can’t 8th graders create accounts?

Hey, this is just a thought I guess. My brother signed up for a college vine account. He’s in eighth grade but there was no option for that so we just called him freshman…no prob we thought we’d just change it to fresh again in a year…. Well he won the freshman scholarships this week🤦‍♀️. We didn’t read the rules very thoroughly but apparently he’s not eligible for the scholarship unless he’ll graduate by july 2025.. .which he probably won’t (I skipped two years so I mean he might…).

I’m guessing he should not accept it, now we feel a little bad bc he may have taken that from somebody else lol. It would be rly nice if you could select 8th grade when you sign up for college vine.

Thanks for listening to my rant! 😂

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27 days ago

CV is exclusively for HS, so there is no need for an eighth-grade option. I don't think that he can accept the money, as submitting false graduation information is against the scholarship rules and regulations. Sorry about your awkward situation, but there is nothing he can do. I'd suggest waiting until CV adds an eighth-grade option to avoid further mixups. Good luck, hope this helps.


24 days ago

Hey @adriannow!

Thank you for reaching out about this. Unfortunately, our platform is not configured to support students outside of high school since most of our features require credentials that an 8th grader has not yet gained.

Since our freshman scholarship is for college freshmen, and age, SSN, DOB are all requirements to claim the funds, I'd encourage you to reach out to support@collegevine.com to forfeit the scholarship!

Hope that helps!


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