3 years ago
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Is submitting multiple essays in one submission in the "Peer review" section allowed?

I went to review an essay today because I have been submitting (individual) essays for review and wanted to help others out too.

The essay that I ended up reviewing was 3 essays in one submission, as in it literally had 3 different titles with different essays that had distinct prompts and themes. It seemed to be an early draft as there were simple grammatical errors and such that made it look like it had not been read over. I worked on it for the full hour (not realizing until I had 3 minutes left how little time I had) and was only able to put comments on the 1st essay. I unable to finish it and as such my review was thrown out.

Is there a rule against this and should we report "essays" like this, or is it just a courtesy thing to not send as many essays as you want?

To be honest I don't want to (or have enough time to) volunteer to review essays if a bunch of them are going to end up being 2,000 word rough drafts and I can't cancel my review manually (is there a way to cancel your review early?)...

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3 years ago

Hey @LonB!

Thanks so much for reaching out about this! Submitting multiple essays in a single review is certainly discouraged by our site since it creates some challenges around review time and feedback structure. While we don't have any measures in place to prevent this currently, our team is actively working on implementing moderating efforts to prevent it in the future.

In the meantime, we encourage users to flag these essays by reaching out to support@collegevine.com. We'll be able to check in with the other user to help set expectations and outline our guidelines for peer review.

Again, thank you so much for brining this to our attention, we appreciate your feedback and help with keeping our platform safe and helpful!

3 years ago

I really don't know why people do this, but I guess the author was running low on karma so they tried to collate all their essays into 1 submission? Personally, I wouldn't do anything like that since it makes it unfair for the reviewer and to other people on this website. If you really want to report the essay, I say go for it since I feel like it's sort of wrong to do something like that.

3 years ago

They only have an hour to complete a review. I think an hour is not enough to review all of your essays, even it’s okay to do so.

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