3 years ago
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Is my essay review request okay?

Hi. I submitted an essay (Additional Information) for peer essay review. However, it's been over 14 hours since I submitted it. The progress bar turned red and I clicked "Report delay."

Actually, there were some troubles submitting it, so I really wonder it was successfully submitted without errors. Here's the link of it.

And what if my essay isn't reviewed until months later? Will my essay stay there? Or will it be automatically retracted and the karma I used be returned?

@vic.toriacj3 years ago

This happened to me the for the first essay I submitted, I ended up just 'fast tracking' it and I got it back within an hour or two. It should also refund your Karma whenever you report a delay, but I'm not 100% positive. But I reviewed it for you!

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chrimp3 years ago

Thank you so much! I love you pro tips. I’ll keep your advice in mind!

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Accepted Answer
3 years ago

Hey @chrimp!

Thank you for reaching out about this! The peer review queue was quite busy this week due to the approaching deadline, and this may have caused some delays in getting your review back. While it looks like you've received the review, I'd encourage you to reach out to support at support@collegevine.com should you continue to experience any issues with this.

Please also note that we've removed your essay link from your question to help protect your work.

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