2 months ago
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Did my essay review crash?

Hi, I submitted one of my essays for peer review. The timer says that I have 0/4 hours left, and it has been stuck like this for quite a while. Did my time somehow run out? Will my essay get reviewed? And is there a way to refund the Karma credit? Thank you.

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2 months ago

Hey @wooshwoosh2x!

Peer essay review received several essays due to the 11/1 deadline which may have caused some delays in getting essays returned, however, this should not have prevented your essay from getting reviewed. If you're still experiencing issues with peer review, feel free to reach out to support at support@collegevine.com and we'd be happy to take a closer look at your account.

Hope that helps!

2 months ago

it means that someone didn't review it on time, it happened to me once too. I'd hit 'report a delay' and it'll refund your karma back to you. Also either hit 'fast track' on the essay or resubmit it


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