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Early Action and Regular Decision

For most of my schools, I am applying early action, but I am wondering if I submit a second time for regular decision will my early application be shown still? Also, does early action give me a better chance at getting in, and if so, how much does this impact?

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2 months ago

If you submit early action, you cant just submit regular decision. You have to wait to see if you're accepted/rejected/deferred, and only if you're deferred can you reapply as regular decision. Yes, early action does improve your chances of getting in, especially for impacted majors as those slots fill up fast, but the differences in % change amongst schools, from 5-10% better to 50% better.

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2 months ago

If you apply for early action or not it would not impact you chances of being accepted, all applications are being taken by the same weight.


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