6 days ago
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How to see my average review rating?

I've only reviewed two essays so far, but I'm not sure where I can look at my average rating?


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5 days ago

I've answered this question before, but basically:

We used to be able to see our rating, now we can only see it if we're on the leaderboard, which is not most people. If your review is rated a 5, you will gain 10 karma and be sent an email of the person's feedback on your review. However, you won't know what score you got if you didn't get a 5. Another thing, since you only have two essays, if you get the Super Reviewer award it means that you have a 3.5 average review rating, so if you get that, you can estimate what they rated you.

Hope that clarifies it for you!

6 days ago

If you go into the essay review section go to the leader board sidebar switch it to one week you can see your stats and your average review rating.


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