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interest in HBCU's on collegevine?

I don't know if its just me but I feel like that on collegevine there's a underrepresentation of HBCU'S on the platform. For instance every livestream that I watch tends to lean more to pwi's and ivy league school's and host are under educated on HBCU'S. Also how there's schools like Bethune-Cookman University, Morris Brown College, Talladega College, and possibly more. Schools like Edward Waters not being updated to a university in the system and how there's not a single mention of HBCU's in livestreams. I feel as if there should at least be some attention brought to them as they are starting to grown in popularity

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a month ago

Hi there @zwai,

Thanks for raising this concern! We do have articles on our blog about HBCUs, but you're right in that our Livestreams are mainly saturated with PWI and top 20 school content.

Going forward, we plan to expand our expertise on a variety of schools, including HBCUs.


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