2 years ago
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How thin are the chances to winning a scholarship here?

I've been trying every single week, for more than a year now... and never ever won. It's sad and unmotivating, as I feel like I'll probably never win here... but I still keep trying. Has anyone here actually won, if yes, how long did it take, and what were your chances???

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@theatre_kid2 years ago

I’m in the same situation, and I might never win. The chance of winning is incredibly small, there could be a million people applying a week. It is also random, so it is possible for someone to win with just 1 karma. I would say to keep trying because this scholarship is incredibly easy to apply for, but also look for niche scholarships that have less competition.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@AnnieIce2 years ago

Yeah it's sad... but as we don't lose anything by trying, we shall countinue to do so anyways!

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2 years ago

I won, the sophomore scholar, last year and It took me 7 week

2 years ago

Our Scholarship odds vary depending on the total amount of Karma bid during that week. Each Karma bid represents a single “entry” into the drawing.

For example, in a week where 10 people bid 10 Karma, each has a 10% chance. If an 11th person comes along and bids 1 Karma, that person will have a 0.99% chance of winning. So depending on the volume of bids for the week your chances may not be as slim as you might think. I encourage you to continue entering in our weekly scholarships as they are high frequency and easy to apply for. Best of luck!

2 years ago

Like @Wolf_and_Moon said, you have to bid a block of karma to improve your chances.

The fastest way to earn Karma is to write really good responses to the questions. Sometimes you might have to research the question first before you respond so that you have a very best answer. It's completely voluntary for the Poster to award your response but at least 1/2 pick the best response and you get 20 Karma for doing that. Another way to get Karma is to add something interesting to say on a discussion topic. You get 20 karma for doing that. One of the least productive things is to review and essay for an hour. You only get 10 karma for that. Each time your question or answer gets upvoted you get 1 Karma as well.

Once you get 500 to 1000 Karma you will be a better position to enter the weekly scholarship. Pick a week where you know your peers are busy doing something else like prepping for finals or taking the SAT or ACT test. Don't pick Spring Break week because everyone is at home on their computers.

Hope that helps.

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