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Some advice for Harvard University ?

I want to ask about some advice for Harvard university as I'm in 10th standard ( will go to 11th in 4-5 months ) and I have no idea about studying abroad, so can you please suggest what all tests I should take, how to prepare for them and how much score in them will help me to get in my dream university....your advice will mean a lot 🙏...

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One of the best-written pieces about Harvard is from a former blog post on College Vine.


Also, if you have access to youtube, watch this CollegeVine on getting into Harvard.


Some of the admissions data has not been updated so you should know the following:

-This year Harvard received 57% more applications for Single Choice Restrictive Early Action admissions. This meant that the SCREA admit rate was 7.4% versus 13.9% last year. And unfortunately, the trend will continue since all colleges are now "test-optional" for the SAT and ACT.

-Last year over 20%of the incoming admit class took a Gap Year because of COVID, or about 349 students out of 1980. This meant that there were 20% fewer spots for the Class of 2025. The lack of available Freshman space meant that Early Action admission rates were lower.

-With fewer available spots for Regular Decision which will come out around April 11th, it is anticipated that the RD acceptance rate will be somewhere in between 2-3% because they received 57,000 applications versus 40,000 last year (Including SCREA + RD application together).

-If you are applying for the class of 2027, keep in mind that test scores will trend upward. It would be best to aim for an ACT score between 34-36 and an SAT score between 1500-1600. (for Class of 2025/26, testing is optional but will most likely return 2 years from now).

-For course rigor, you will need 4 years of English, 4 years of Science, 4 years of Math, 4 years of a foreign language (not your native language), and 3 years of History including European and American History. If you have access to an AP or IB program that is the best way to show you are challenging yourself with college level coursework.

-One of the differentiating things that most successful applicants have in common is excellent extracurricular activities and community service work. Also successful admits have excellent writing skills that are demonstrated through their essays that are submitted with their applications.

Good luck.

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