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Harvard prospective students

Advice for Freshman who wants to go to Harvard

Hi, I'm a freshman and my dream school is Harvard. I want to go into the economics/business field and I just wanted some advice on how to get into Harvard.

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10 months ago

No one on here has enough space to write about how to get into Harvard so I recommend you watch this CollegeVine Video on how to get into Harvard.

It's very good. This is about 2 years old but still valid. The only thing that has changed is that it's harder in 2021 to get into now. Only 7.4% got in during Early Action down from about 14% last year (SCREA is when legacies, recruited athletes, development candidates, and VIPs apply so most of these applicants have an edge over the normal applicant). This April during Ivy week, I would expect the regular decision rate to be about 2% or less. This year 57000 students applied vs. 40000 last year.



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