7 months ago
Harvard prospective students

Hopeful Harvard undergraduate, help!

Does harvard have a forensic psychology program?!


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7 months ago

Harvard wouldn't be the school to study that as an undergraduate.

Just my opinion here but I would recommend that you look at colleges where there are physical centers or prime locations for the CIA, FBI, NSA, homeland security so cities like NYC, Washington D.C. One of my friends is planning to study or forensic criminology. She is applying to schools like American University, George Washington University, Georgetown, NYU, John Jay CUNY NYC, UVA, U of Maryland.

I think the logic is that in between and during the academic year, one could get internships with Langley or FBI headquarters in DC and get some hands-on experience with in-house forensic psychologists in action.

Hope that helps.

7 months ago

Harvard has a “concentration” (major) for psychology for undergraduate students interested in the path. It should also be noted that Harvard University is highly revered for its psychology program as it is considered to reign supreme in the nation. However, I do not entirely believe there is a specific concentration titled “forensic psychology” for undergraduates, nor is there a specified title for graduate students, but that does not mean that Harvard doesn’t cover the content focused on your academic aspirations.

The site for undergraduate psychology (https://undergrad.psychology.fas.harvard.edu/pre-concentrators#1) and the site for graduate psychology (https://gsas.harvard.edu/programs-of-study/all/psychology) both cover the essentials in this field/profession; but to include the “forensic” sense of your desired field would inquire that you perform research, seek a personalized course schedule that’s not the traditional, and/or ask for assistance from your academic advisor.

From my understanding of “forensic psychology”, you must be APPLYING ‘clinical psychology’ into a forensic setting so as to achieve the goal of criminal investigation, law, and justice. This seems very specific. In fact, here is a credibly cited definition from Wikipedia: “ The broader classification states that forensic psychology involves the application of all psychological areas of research to the legal field, while the narrower definition characterizes forensic psychology as ‘The application of clinical specialties to legal institutions and people who come into contact with the law.’”(https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forensic_psychology)

In this essence, Harvard may not have a strict program that is specific for “forensic psychology”, but they certainly have plenty of resources so that you can APPLY the practice of psychology in a forensic setting. Examples: research, course scheduling, internships, etc. This applies for almost anything at Harvard: they provide the world of knowledge and all you have to do is apply it, refine it, and discover it again.


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