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Harvard prospective students

Introducing Elias - Harvard 2017 Grad

Welcome to the Harvard prospective student community 🎉 This is a place for students hoping to learn more about Harvard and connect with other potential applicants.

@EliasMiller graduated from Harvard in 2017 and concentrated (majored) in music. He'll be available in this community to help y'all out!

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2. Help others — You can answer questions or reply to discussions! Our community is known for students who help each other instead of compete. Perhaps you had the opportunity to visit Harvard before the pandemic or did extensive research on the school? Share that knowledge with others!

3. Watch videos — Check out the "Events" tab to find helpful videos about life at Harvard and application tips!

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Question for Elias: What got you to major in music? What kinds of things did you do in high school to nurture your passion?

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Hey @McKellarr - great question! Could you post this as a new question in the Harvard community? This will help keep the community organized and get everyone responses quicker. Thanks!!

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@McKellarr, I'll wait to answer this until it pops up in the general community page. In the meantime, I just want to invite you to a live-stream I'm doing tomorrow afternoon (3/24, 5PM EST) on this very topic! Feel free to pop in, and we can chat about why I decided to major in music and what the music program at Harvard was like directly.



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