7 months ago
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Does Harvard look at my 9th grade GPA?

I'm an international student from Brazil, and here 9th grade isn't a part of HS, so when we get our HS transcripts they don't have our grades from that year. Should I go after my 9th grade transcript or can I submit only 10th-12th?


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7 months ago

@davi.c - great question. I looked around, but couldn't find the answer! I do suspect that Harvard admissions officers will want to see your 9th grade transcript anyway, but I don't know this for sure. I recommend that you email the Harvard admissions office and ask this question. No pressure, but it'd be great if you wanted to comment below when you get an answer! I'm quite curious.

6 months ago[edited]

hi, davi! i'm also a brazilian student applying to harvard and yes, i'll send my 9th grade grades, but i also know a girl who got into columbia without her 9th grade on her transcript... honestly, it's way easier if you send it, but i think you could e-mail each college and see if they allow it!


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