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Harvard prospective students

what i should to do in the next 4 years to get a chance at harvard

i'm 14 years old and i go to 8th grade in greece

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Hey there! As a fellow high schooler myself , I'm also stressing out about the college admissions process.

1. Try to figure out your passion

is there something you're really interested in and genuinely care about?

if so, develop a passion project- this makes you stand out. If you're really interested, start a club, join organizations around you, and find networking opportunities!

2. Giving back to our community

if you like volunteering, this is your thing! try to make a significant impact in your community and do things you love! try to win a few awards on the way and make new friends.

3. Grades, GPA, Standardized Tests

maintain your grade, improve it, and most importantly, work hard! try to take the most challenging courses available and work hard. it's important you maintain a strong upward streak

if you are able to take the SATs, ACTs, or any important test in your country, prepare for it and take 2-3 months taking practice tests and improving your scores. you surely do not need a perfect score, and making sure that you're trying your personal best is always taken into consideration

4. Awards and Extracurriculars

awards are really not that important! It's how you present yourself in your essays and interests that REALLY matter.

5. Teacher Recommendations

this is SUPER IMPORTANT. Make sure two teachers that know your personal interests and whom you've maintained good relationships with write your letter.

6. Essays

this is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your application. showcase yourself as a "one of a kind". Don't talk about stuff everyone talks about- talk about YOU. if you're funny, then portray yourself as a humorous person in your essays!

Don't stress and believe in yourself! Good luck and I know you'll get in!


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