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Harvard prospective students

as an 8th grader what should i do to get into Harvard for pre-med

im 14 and i want to higher my chances of getting in

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It's excellent that you are already thinking of a plan and a select school to get into. However, pre-med and most STEM undergraduate majors have heavy competition. There are three areas in which you must succeed, Academics, Arts, and Athletics if you wish to even have a chance at getting in. Please keep in mind that simply an academic medical experience is not enough in the holistic process of admissions.

Year by Year Plan:

As an eighth-grader, I recommend taking as many honors classes that are available to you at your middle school, this will help show your high school that you are ready for accelerated courses. Start looking at the various volunteer agencies that are open to taking in new freshmen. Don't be afraid to explore other pathways such as sociology, or even common things such as soup kitchens and meal programs. It'll show colleges that you are dedicated to your community and can excel in multiple fields.


If your district has a program that allows you to take courses over the summer, then look to see which ones you can accomplish during this time. This will give you the chance to take more courses during the school year. Aditionally most high school varsity and junior varsity athletics tryouts happen at this time, so make sure to tryout. Pick a sport that you are able to commit to and can give adequate hours for. If you play a musical instrument or dance, your school and many other colleges may look upon these as sports, so be sure to enroll in the program.

Ninth Grade:

Depending on which school you attend, there may be an offering for an IB Program. These classes work differently then AP and the requirements are set according to the IB level that your school conducts. The following plan is without consideration of IB level work assuming that you do not have it available at your school.

Enroll in Honors Math, Honors English, and Honors Science (If possible Biology or Chemistry). If possible take an AP level course in an additional science or artistic pursuit. This will help accomplish performing arts credits and earn you another AP level class. Don't forget to pick a language and make sure that you are committed to it. Enroll in clubs and figure out which ones you like. Always always always subscribe to your school's newspaper or online information pamphlets. This can bring so many opportunities to your attention about contests, competitions, and additional volunteer opportunities. Take the PSAT.

Summer: Seeing as you will have turned at least 14 years of age by now, begin looking at hospitals and community organizations within your area. If you weren't able to play a sport last year, try again this year. Take the ACT or SAT so you know where you stand and how much preparation is required. For Harvard you need over 1500 in SAT and over 30-33 in ACT.

Tenth Grade: Enroll in Honors Math and Honors English. If possible take an anatomy course, physiology course, an AP Science, or AP Psych if possible. Take an AP Social Science Course as well. Continue doing a language, volunteering, and keeping that GPA up. Start planning out your summer, and junior year. Take the PSAT and study for AP exams. Start taking leadership position in clubs.

Summer: Look for two year volunteer pathways, volunteer at hospitals, community work, scholarships, plan out your junior year courseload and make sure it fulfills requirements. Take the ACT, and use various programs to help you study for the SAT or the ACT.

Junior Year: Grind. Keep up that GPA. At this point language requirement is fulfilled but it's better to take three-four years to have a better chance. Take a lot of APs. AP Stats, AP Calc, AP Psych, AP Bio, AP Physics, AP Chem, are the ones I recommend. AP United States History, and AP Language if possible so you can maximize the AP Course load. Start taking senior leadership roles in clubs. I recommend Honors Society, Scholarship Federation, Science Club, Olympiad, and Future Doctors. Take the ACT and or SAT as many times as possible until you are happy with score. Study for NMSQT/PSAT test for scholarship merit awards. Build a college list.

Summer: Volunteer and start preparing for essays.

9 months ago

Harvard pre-med and Harvard itself is very competitive. By the time you apply, acceptances rates will likely be <1%.

SAT/ACT- not required, but if you score high enough it may give you a boost. Aim for 1520+

Ec's- You MUST stand out. DO unique and impressive extracurriculars related to medicine.

Essays- N/A until senior year

GPA- Maintain 3.95 or higher all throughout highschool

Rigor- Load up high school coursework with AP's or IB's.

Good luck!


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