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Harvard prospective students

I am an senior in india and i want to do pre med in harvard

i am recently in 12th grade and i want to know what are the requirements to get into harvard for a pre-med course


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9 months ago

Hi @Krushali! Harvard (like most schools in the U.S.) does not have a pre-med major. You can pursue any major you'd like (Harvard actually calls majors 'concentrations'), take the standard pre-med courses, and apply to medical school. Many students who are are interested in attending medical school do decide to pursue biology, chemistry, neuro, or psychology concentrations, in part because many pre-med classes will also count as concentration requirements in these fields. However, I also knew English and music concentrators who completed the pre-med requirements and got into great medical schools.

Also, Harvard does not have specific requirements for any concentration or program. You apply to Harvard, and if you are accepted, you can decide to study any concentration you'd like, whether that's folklore and mythology, mechanical engineering, or anything else offered. To get into Harvard, one does generally need outstanding grades, tests scores, extracurriculars, and essays, but there are no set requirements for an acceptance. To see your chances at an acceptance, I'd recommend trying out our chancing engine! You can use it by filling out your profile here and then navigating over to the "Schools" tab.


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