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Harvard prospective students

How to write a good letter of continued interest for Harvard?

hey! I just learned I have been waitlisted from Harvard. Do you have any advice on how to write a great letter of continued interest? Thank you!

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9 months ago

Here is the simple structure that I would follow. 1 - Introduce yourself 2- give an update on your extracurriculars/academics if you have any, if possible connect that to something that you would pursue at the school. If you do not have any updates then talk about how that school is the perfect fit for you and give specific examples of things that you would do at the school 3- make it clear that if you are accepted that you will 100% attend.


9 months ago

Hi @lilss! Just letting you know that I've moved this to the Harvard prospective students community. We have a blog post about this that may help too: https://blog.collegevine.com/deferred-or-waitlisted-tips-for-writing-a-letter-of-continued-interest/


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