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Harvard prospective students

What might be a great thing to add in your essays to harvard?


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It's a little tricky to answer this question since you haven't referenced a specific Harvard essay. A few things Harvard values, though, are leadership, service, and niche academic interests. If you've demonstrated real leadership in your extracurricular activities (starting a club, being president of an organization, starting a company or non-profit, etc.), these can make for great essay topics. If you're deeply committed to your community service work and have profound stories about your experiences to tell, this can be good as well. And Harvard admissions officers do love it when a student achieves great things in an unusual, niche interest area.

In general, though, try to make your essays specific and personal to you. Harvard AOs don't just want to know what things you've done. They want to know why you did them, what you learned, how you overcame the challenges they posed, what the experiences were like, and how you will build on those experiences in the future. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable or to tell a story.

If you want our full break down on how to write the Harvard essays, check out our blog! This is our blog post for last year's essays: https://blog.collegevine.com/how-to-write-the-harvard-university-supplemental-essays-2020-2021/. We'll have a new one for this year's once they announce them, but it's unlikely that the essay topics will change significantly.

Good luck!

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Essay maybe like telling what you are good at? But thanks for the help!


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