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Harvard prospective students

How can I get into Havard

Hey I’m in Nigeria I’m a student of university of port harcourt I’m in English department 200l but I really want to study in Harvard I don’t know how possible this is

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@Olatuja6 months ago

I am also from Nigeria. I really want to study in Harvard. It is possible by praying and also studying really hard.

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6 months ago

You could do a transfer to Harvard.

Here is a link that tells you all about the requirements you could do to transfer to Harvard


Hope that answered your question!

6 months ago

The honest answer is that it's probably very difficult. Harvard does accept transfer students, but only about 12 a year out of a pool of several thousand. The acceptance rate is typically well below 1%.

You could also maybe attempt to apply as a freshman applicant and start college over at Harvard. Whether or not this is possible might depend on how many credits you've already completed at your current college. While this would most likely mean throwing away your college credits and paying for four full years of school, you would at least be able to take advantage of the 3-4% acceptance rate typically afforded to freshman applicants. If you're curious whether this would be possible, I'd recommend reaching out to the Harvard admissions office via email.

6 months ago

Hello! I think that focusing on getting the highest gpa and sat/act scores you can while doing well in your extracurriculars would help. Also a very helpful website for international students is https://www.edupass.org/

I highly recommend you check it out.


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