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Hi! Is there any advice on getting a higher chance of acceptance rate in Harvard?

Hi! My name is Xavier and I'm from Indonesia. My high school is a Cambridge curriculum school. My grades have been A, B, C, or D since first grade and it has changed to mostly A's, B's, and C's now. I'm now in my second year in high school. Is there any chance for Harvard to accept me if my grades increase to mostly A+'s, A's, and B's in my last year in high school? Will my acceptance percentage increase? Thank you!

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Hi Xavier! The average GPA of a Harvard student is a 3.9 (unweighted), so it will really depend on what your GPA averages out to over the course of your high school years. The higher your GPA, the better your chances are. However, that being said, Harvard also considers outstanding extracurricular activity and community service in the applications process, as well as demonstrated excellence in a specific field. I hope this helps!


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