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Extra curricular spikes?

the main query is about extracurricular spikes.

so far I have done.

. National service scheme under this program we've done relief funds, covid helpline and other social works like "SAFE DRIVE SAVE LIVES" campaign, as a 5 person team was team leader too.

. community work like tutoring unprivileged kids, donating food and clothes.

.I have published 3 articles to a national level newspaper 'The Hindu'.

. 3 years of training in martial arts is an internationally recognized organization, though I have not participated in any tournaments.

. I will participate in the yale young global scholar program in 2022.

. I am planning on taking 3 ap exams in 2022.[math1,2,PHY,]

the query is that except for the N.S.S and YYGS program and the martial arts certificate I don't have any documentation for the community work I did, so how do I prove to Harvard that?

and will those extracurriculars be enough?

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5 months ago

Regarding the community service work, you don't need a certificate or other documentation to prove that you did it. You can just put it on your CommonApp resume and be as specific as possible (with names of organizations that you worked for, hours worked, etc.).

Your other question is trickier. There's no such thing as "enough" when it comes to college admissions. Some students get into Harvard with just one or two absolutely outstanding activities. Others have 20 good activities and still don't get in. Whether or not you can get in also depends, of course, on the strength of the rest of your profile and on the quality of your essays. If you want a good chancing estimate, though, I'd strongly recommend filling out your profile here and checking your percent chance of acceptance at Harvard under the "Schools" tab above.


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