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How to get accepted into Harvard with an A- in the 2nd semester of my freshman year of high school

During my freshman year, about all of my classes were the highest grade possible; however, I received an A- during my second semester in a mathematics course called Advanced Geometry. I was unmotivated to study for that class during that semester, but I have improved a lot and now I am doing well in taking tests. How can I convince Harvard admissions to accept me even though I had a single A- in the second semester of my freshman year? I am very interested in attending Harvard University for college; it's been my dream ever since I was little.

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A single A- in your freshman year isn't going to ruin your chances at Harvard. If you want to show Harvard you're a serious candidate you need to make sure you are also taking the most challenging courses available to you and continue to get As. Even more important is that you have an extracurricular profile which matches up with your academics. Make sure you are building out your ECs because many of the applicants at Harvard will have very strong EC profiles


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