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Harvard prospective students

What type of students do Harvard need?

I am a student from India and have completed my high school from a very average high school and I don't have any extracurricular activies or awards due to this pandemic, all my extracurricular plans got washed away. But, I have a a SAT above 1500 and a predicted GPA near to 3.7

Additionally, I have a special talent, atleast which i consider of being a Ambidextrous - as to be able to work from both the hands pretty smoothly. And I would be graduating from high school in July 2021. What should I focus on during this time to make a lovely resume for the college applications.

It would be great if you advice me to target which type of international colleges which has need based financial aid too.

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5 months ago

So you said you don't have any extracurriculars - does this mean at all or just for 2020? Because if you have finished high school and don't have any ECs at all it will be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to get into Harvard. If you only didn't have ECs for 2020 that will be easier to overcome because lots of people will be in your situation. Unfortunately being an international student will also make things more difficult for you to get into Harvard, the competition is fierce.

In terms of what to do for your application there's not a whole lot that can be done by the fall if you really don't have any ECs. You'll need to find an amazing internship, seriously help out your local community through volunteering, start a successful business, and potentially more. I'm not trying to be a downer but that's the reality when you're competing against students who have been building out their ECs for years.

For financial aid I'd recommend taking a look at this list: https://blog.collegevine.com/schools-that-grant-financial-aid-to-international-students-a-complete-list/


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