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Hey! I am thinking of applying to 6 need blind US colleges including Harvard. I wanted to ask what sat score should I aim for?. I have not started working on Common app essays and supplements. I am very much worried because I am could't do a comprehensive brainstorming. I had applied to Yale Summer program last year (YYGS), I had written essays for that. If anyone could review them and give feedback on how they were , it would mean a lot:). Also kindly suggest good Extracurriculars for these colleges.

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Hi. I've been looking for need blind colleges too but they're all Ivies. Could you list out the need blind ones you found? Thanks

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3 years ago

Hi! Regarding SAT scores, the 25th & 75th percentile SAT scores of admitted students at Harvard last year were 1460 and 1580 respectively. While you ideally want to be at the upper end of this range to make yourself as competitive as possible, I'd still recommend submitting scores even slightly below a 1460 - not submitting at all will do more damage to your chances than submitting a 1420, for example, in most cases.

In terms of essays, we have two main places to get feedback here at Collegevine! You can check out our Peer Essay Review service under Essays tab at the top of our website. You can submit your essays there for comments from other users. We also offer live essay reviews with our experts most weeks (although we don't have one scheduled for this week). Check our upcoming livestream schedule each week - normally we do essay-related streams on Wednesdays. I do some of these reviews, and I believe Yesh, Shravya, and Moriah will be doing some as well!

Finally, for more info on how to get into Harvard, check out the In for the Win live-stream I'll be doing this evening! I'll cover extracurriculars, essays, academics, and more there.


3 years ago[edited]

Hi there!!!

Firstly, don't be too worried because everything will fall into place. Trust the process.

To answer your questions, aim for a Sat score above the average and for most need blind schools including Harvard, you should aim for a sat score of 1500+, while it doesn't really matter(applicants with perfect scores are literally denied acceptance sometimes), being in a good range above average plus strong essays that reveal your personality in a good and impactful way plus extracurricular activities you are really passionate about and spend ample time doing them will make you a strong applicant and increase your chances.

For your essays, I would be glad to help you through your brainstorming, review and also give honest feedbacks. You did well enrolling into the YYGS, Great job!!!!

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