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How can I get into Harvard as an international student with a fully funded scholarship

I'm an international student in my 11th grade with perfect grades and my aim is to get into Harvard University as soon as I graduate from high school the problem is my family can't assist me on this way then how can I get a fully funded scholarship to reach my goal ?

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3 months ago

One of the wonderful things about Harvard is that it meets full demonstrated need for international students as well as domestic applicants. If Harvard accepts you, you will be provided financial aid that meets 100% of your demonstrated need.

If you want to be considered for financial aid, you'll need to submit the CSS profile and possibly some supplementary forms, and your parents will have to send some relevant financial documents like their tax returns to confirm their - and your - financial status.

Unfortunately, this works only for financial need. If your parents cannot afford for you to attend Harvard, Harvard will make up the difference. If Harvard deems they can afford it, and they're just not willing to support you in this way financially, you'll be in a more difficult spot. Harvard only give money on a need-based basis and doesn't give any merit-based scholarships. You'll have to look into external scholarships and possibly consider loans if this is the situation.


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