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What should I prepare during my 3-year high school to get a seat at Harvard Engineering School

Hi I'm from Egypt. Getting a seat in Harvard has been my dream since I was 5 years old. I am at year 10 right now in an IGCSE school in Egypt. I wish to get a scholarship to this university. Cause when I googled Harvard fees, I found it very expensive and my family can't afford it. I wish being a part of Harvard engineering school. My question is:- I want to know what subjects to choose at my IGCSE school. What grades must I achieve in these subjects. Are there any other levels required ILETS or others?? How to get a scholarship? And what about the volunteering programs...... I heard about it from other questions


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It is very hard to get a seat at Harvard Engineering school. For an international student, and even students studying in high schools in the USA right now, as much as grades matter, your extracurriculars matter much more. If you do something groundbreaking or attempt to do something groundbreaking but it helps thousands of people,then there is a chance for you to get into Harvard.

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Great question! First of all, all scholarships to Harvard are need-based. This means that you can't apply for special scholarships and that even being extremely accomplished won't land you a scholarship (after all, most people at Harvard are pretty accomplished!). If Harvard accepts you and you can demonstrate sufficient financial need (via your family's tax forms, for example), then Harvard will offer you financial aid.

Harvard doesn't actually have any requirements for what courses you must take in high school, nor does it require international students to take any English language proficiency exam. That said, if you're interested in attending Harvard, and you're specifically interested in studying engineering, you'll want to take a very challenging course load and obtain perfect or near-perfect grades. Given your interest in engineering, you'll want to take a good deal of STEM courses, and particularly upper-level STEM courses. You can definitely take the IELTS or TOEFL if you want to demonstrate your proficiency in English. I'd also recommend that you take the ACT or SAT and try to submit a decent score, even though Harvard is currently test optional. As for extracurricular activities (like volunteering), you'll want to build up as impressive an extracurricular resume as you can!

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