12 days ago
Harvard prospective students

Send 32 ACT or go test-optional?

Hi! I can't decide.

I'm an international applicant, so the bar for us is higher. 32 is not bad, but not in a right range either. So would it be better to send it or to go test-optional?

GPA: 4.90/5 (98%)

AP: my school doesn't offer such things

ECs: good

Do you know someone wih such stats attending Harvard?

P.S. I have a superscore of 33, does ot count?


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12 days ago

Ellou! I'm an international student planning to apply test-optional. Honestly, I would suggest sending in your scores considering that they are still pretty high despite the standards imposed on int students. You should always check your college's ACT percentile and see if your score fits in that range. Even if you are placed in the 25th percentile, it would still be better to send in your score since it helps colleges gauge your academic prowess.


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