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Just to be honest! Asking out of curiosity what I have done during my application last year! I need everyone's opinion

In previous years I have submitted everything to my counselor's part like a recommendation and edited academic results. I did edit my academic results and I've ranked myself like 2nd in 9th grade and 3rd in 10th grade. I have also edited my 11th-grade result which had 2 F’s in the result but doesn’t have any rank. I didn't get any transcript in 12th grade because of COVID. In the counselor section, I gave my secondary phone number which is switched off, and also I have created Gmail on my own.

I have done all of these because I have no counselor in my school and I have requested and tried my best to be my teacher to be my counselor but they do not want to be. I have taken my parents, but do not believe in that system.


1. I’m still looking for a counselor to submit my transcript. I will no longer make false statements this time. Also, I want to keep my roll number the same. In 9th grade, I had a roll number of 21 and in 10th grade, I had a roll number of 17. And I’m Keeping up the same in the 11th-grade result ( I had 2 F’s in my result). I didn’t find any other better situation than this.

2. This time, I can be the same as last year. But I don't want to come back to my country because of a false statement and lose everything in my life

In my case, what should I do now? Does the university check the transcript while applying the 2nd time?

My question is:

1. Should I keep my academic transcript the same as edited or just the real one?

2. If there is a change option I can't able to do submit my 11th-grade transcript.

3. Should I tell the truth to the admission counselor? in the additional essay.

4. Is it problematic if my counselor's name is different from the previous counselor's?

5. Would it be okay if I change my previous transcript roll number? Like the same one. I don't wanna hassle in the long run

and sorry for doing that! and I regret it!

Please, anyone, answer these questions. I’m really losing my hope in applying this time.


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3 months ago

In my opinion, you should only submit the true and original transcripts- regardless of what grades you have got in them. This is not just with transcripts, it also holds true with all other documents, awards, extra-curricular activities, etc.

I know it seems very very tempting to edit some of the academic results, but it will only harm you in the long run. So, it's better if you show the college that you're absolutely honest with them.

One of Harvard's essay prompts includes something to do with 'honesty' as it is a crucial part of their college system. You may even want to harp on this experience in your life and write a compelling and genuine essay out there. Chances are that seeing your honesty in your essay- they may let you in! Who knows?! Essays are always much more important than school grades for these Ivy League schools...

Anyways-- good luck with your application ahead!!


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