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Spike to a person who want to major in history

Hi, I am a internacional student (from Brazil) and I want to improve my extracurricular activities, and I want to major in history (our psychology but now I want more history), I am a freshman and here we don't have many things to do in school only projects and we can create clubs if we want to but is not normal and I think will be difficult to find people who wants to join them, but projects is more easy to that happens. Someone give me ideas!!!!

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3 years ago

Hello there @catarina!

This is a copy of my answer on your other post.

I would recommend you try to still create a club, even if they're "not normal," as that shows you're putting in extra effort to stand out and are passionate enough to partake in activities that not everyone would support. But it doesn't have to be just a school club, it could be a club at your other extracurriculars (where you already are with some like-minded folks), or you could spread some kind of awareness about history. Also, for the next suggestions, I'm piggybacking off what someone said a few months ago (link to that: https://www.collegevine.com/questions/14926/how-to-create-an-impressive-extracurricular-spike), but some ideas could be: joining Model UN or HOSA, taking summer programs in History, having a blog, participating in a newspaper/magazine about history, interning at a historical research center or museum, do historical research on a specific event you're really passionate about, starting a nonprofit/business that guides kids through history, etc.

Hope that helps!

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