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Hello, everyone!

I am a Harvard prospective student, and I applied by restrictive early action in this year(2021), but I did not receive the asking for an interview by Harvard, until now. And I am very nervous about this absence of a interview because the approved students told me that all of them passed for this process and I would like to know if some of you was approved into harvard without an interview section.

Thanks in advance!


Maria de Sousa Morais

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2 years ago

I'm not applying to Harvard, but from what I know, there is no disadvantage to not having an interview. They send out interview requests based on availability, not who is a strong candidate/considered for admission. I would still try to get an interview (it can help a lot), but there's no harm in not having one.

Hope that helps!

2 years ago

Same here! I applied EA and still haven't recieved an interview. I've been reading a lot of threads and we still have a chance of getting in as there are few who get admitted without interviews. Either it means a rejection, an acceptance or a deferral and it's really frustrating tbh


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