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Harvard prospective students

Harvard EA applicants, has anyone got an interview yet? And does anyone know when they are usually conducted?

I applied EA and I'm worried that not having recieved an interview yet means that I'm either getting deferred or rejected. Does anyone know when the interviews begin?

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I applied REA as well and interviewed two weeks ago. From the research that I have conducted, interviews are "prioritized" by based on the candidate. Each applicant has a numerical priority where the numbers are as follows: 1-the college needs your interview asap, 2-Harvard needs it by the subcommittee meeting (which are held the last few weeks in November), 3-Harvard needs it by full committee meetings (first few weeks in December), and 4-no additional information is needed.

@gaugustine7 days ago

The above information can be found in the "Interviewer Handbook."

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Thank you!!

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13 hours ago

I applied 2 weeks before the EA deadline and got a zoom interview one week later.

7 days ago

I don't think there's anything to be worried here. I applied EA as well. But the website and some youtube search will clarify that an interview is not mandatory, if the university feels they need more information or if you are from a new place then someone might get in touch. I know a student who got into Dartmouth without an interview so, do not be worried. If you think the interview might act out really well for your application then I suppose you should mail them, let them know about it.


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