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Exam scores not seen in the previews of common app

My test or exam scores I chose to submit is not showing on my common app preview. Will the university I am applying to still receive it since I chose to self report it?


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17 days ago

This question actually helped me with my Common App so thank you! There are two things that I think could be happening:

1. Ensure that in the "Testing" section of the Common App, you see "AP Subject Tests" in the section where you indicate the tests you want to self-report (I hadn't done this either so my test scores weren't showing up, but now they are). From here, you can select which tests you've taken as well as the score.

2. If you have done this, the school might just not accept self-reported AP scores as part of the application. Check the preview with another college and see if it appears there. If it's still not working, I would email Common App directly.

Hopefully one of these helped! Good luck!


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