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What classes should I take in 8th grade to prepare for high school?

Hi! I’m in 7th grade right now and I want to do as much as I can to prepare for high school and college. I have to turn in my elective selection form for 8th grade by 2/25/22.

Harvard is a school I’m interested in, and I know what the acceptance rate is. Even if I don’t get in, I would like to know what high school classes I should take in 8th grade to maximize the AP classes I can take in high school. I want my high school transcript to look as appealing to as many good colleges as possible.

I’m interested in software engineering, app building, and engineering in general.

Thanks! :)

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This really depends on the prerequisites for the high school classes you want to take, and what classes your middle school offers. I recommend talking to your counselor to figure out the best courses to take. However, you are still very young and don't really have to worry about college quite yet, so don't stress to much if you can't take the courses you wanted to.

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Since middle school class credits usually don't transfer to high school classes, the best thing you can do would be to simply take the most rigorous classes you can in 8th grade. For example, if you have the choice between honors and standard classes, choose honors every time. This will give you experience in handling a demanding course load. The one exception is language classes, since this is an area where you do not need to take formal courses to advance to higher levels. Outside the classroom, you can get a head start on participating in ECs related to your interests. Hope this helps!

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