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Will getting a B make it harder to get into a top 10 school?

I am a sophomore and have gotten a B in both semesters of AP Calc BC. My GPA weighted is about 4.7. I got a 1550 SAT, and I started a clothing line (a couple thousand in sales), charity initiative (a little over 100 members), will be on Varsity tennis all four years, have won a few writing contests, and am currently working on a short book. There is more but that is the strongest few. I think I am a really strong applicant but when I look at the chances of getting into a school like Harvard it makes me so discouraged because I feel like its impossible no matter how hard I work, so getting a B this year really felt like a purge of the last bit of hope in me. (Side Note: I have been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and anxiety, should I mention this in my essays or hide it)

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Wow, that is an impressive resume! You certainly are an amazing applicant and I don't think the school looking at your transcript will care too much given how much you do outside of school. You have proven also with your SAT that you are incredibly competent. I think there is the chance that school may not consider you as highly for math-related curricula, but I do think that if you are going for a humanities degree (which it looks like you are), it shouldn't matter given everything you have already done. I hope this helps!

I also want to mention that not everything matters where you go to school. I found two great top 20 schools which have caught my attention for their great culture and values. It is important that you are aware that there are plenty of great colleges that fit every possible need. I know college admissions has been hard on my mental health and many of my peers as well, so I want to stress that not everything is contingent upon getting into your dream school. Try to find school at all ranges of accessibility that fit many of your needs. You are an amazing person that does a lot, and it's clear that you use what you're given to do great things. You're going to excel anywhere you go.

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dude a B won't kill your chances. you seem like a really strong applicant, best of luck!

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