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Will a terribly low mark in one subject in senior year be a disadvantage for me?

Okay, so prior to my recent exam held in december no exams were conducted by my school (offline). One was conducted around early june. So my school wasn't sending my mid year report anywhere and was waiting for my term 1 scores. I informed about this to all the unis I applied. This exam was officially held offline by the Central education board. And scores came out yesterday. I got low in Math but did fair in other subjects. I did not do much good due to certain circumstances but didn't expect that low. (Also the difficulty (it is subjective though) level of every exam was high and students from across the nation has faced problems)

My scores are English- 35/40

Maths- 23/40

Physics- 32/35

Chemistry- 32/35

P.E.- 31/35.

I am worried how will it affect me. And I know I am late but my school will send out my mid year report tomorrow.The situation was not in my control. Any clue how will it impact?


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2 years ago

You will be fine so long as the majority of your grades are good and your math grade is an anomaly. Here are some things you can do to minimize the negative impact of your grade in math:

1. Take SAT or ACT to demonstrate your math skills. Ideally, your math score will be similar to the scores that the top 75% of admitted students at the colleges you are applying to get.

2. Explain the circumstances of your grade and the difficulty of the math exam in the Additional Information section of your college applications.

Hope this helps!

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