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Good Extra-Curricular Activities?

I'm a sophomore who wants to attend Harvard. I know Harvard isn't only looking for people with high gpas and that I need a good list of extra curricular activities and accomplishments to make it in, and I'm curious to know what else, if anything, I should strive for.

Here's a list of my activities so far:

- Lead role in school play this year; directing show next year

- School yearbook, literary journal and newspaper staff member

- Founded my own initiative teaching middle schoolers creative writing]

- Internship at non-for-profit (Writopialabs) teaching 4th and 5th graders creative writing

- Published in two literary magazines

- 40+ hours of community service

Some things I'm working on/currently tentitive:

- Becoming yearbook/newspaper/literary journal editor senior year

- A second internship with my district's congresswoman

- Expanding my creative writing initiative (other

- Publishing a novel under a Big 4 Publisher (or any respectable publisher)

Is this a good amount of eccs for Harvard? If not, do you guys have any recommendations as to what else I could do? I don't want you to chance me or anything. Tysm!


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2 years ago

I think that you could largely keep the ECs you have and expand them in the following ways:

1. Your ECs are all at the school and local levels - you should try to advance in these activities until you reach the state, national, and international levels. For example, try expanding your creative writing initiative into something that schools across the US could access. Publishing a novel is another way to gain reach with your ECs.

2. Make a tangible, quantifiable impact with your ECs. Your impact should make the world a better place based on a specific interest and vision you have - this interest is called your spike. I would say that you should choose one direction and add a few more ECs to your list that are related to it. An example of a direction could be creative writing education.

Hope this helps!

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