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Do my chances inflate since I am applying from Puerto Rico

Given that I am applying to Harvard from Puerto Rico, I want to know just how much weight my application will be given in the process. How much does Harvard factor in geographical location and if I stand out as an applicant here (as I think I do) will legacies still be the only ones accepted? Is there only a certain number of applicants Harvard admits from small geographical areas such as PR?

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First of all, Harvard judges students depending on where they come from and the resources their schools offer. On this note, students are first subdivide according to their places, which means you will first be considered in with students you come from the same place. If you out weight them, you will still stand out as a best applicant and with higher chances of getting in.

Although Harvard values students from small towns or villages, to increase your chances, you can consider taking standardized tests like SAT to show Harvard your capabilities on International level to boost your chances of getting in.

Again, you must show outstanding initiative to prove how you serve the society well, to meet their mission. By either creating campaigns or acquiring leadership positions and impact they made to your society.

If that is not enough you can still join International Model United Nations Community of Ambassadors, which is free of charge, to prove your exceptionality.

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