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Grades Help for a Junior

Hi! I’m a junior and I need to know if my grades are competitive enough for Ivies, Rice, UT Austin, Northeastern, Stanford, and MIT. I already have some alright extracurriculars. I co-started a nonprofit about teaching kids science and we’ve raised over $1500 and I’m building 2 apps + sourcing funding. I have some other pretty ok extracurriculars including being vp of my class and I am submitting a research project in bioengineering.

I have studied very hard but my grades are lacking very much in my opinion. I’ve received 2 Bs so far and I’m so done with everything. My school doesn’t account for A-minuses and I just feel mediocre because I’ve been getting A-minuses every year. With that said, here are my grades:

The first grade is the first semester. The second grade is the second semester. And my school doesn’t let freshmen take any APs and sophomores are only allowed one AP (WHAP) except if you are in a higher language. Also, theology classes are required.


AP US History: 90

Theology 3: 100

AP Chemistry: 84 (I was sick a lot during first semester and missed 5 classes including having to take a much harder version of a quiz that dropped by grade from an a to a flat B. My teacher told me she would drop our lowest quiz grade but ended deciding against that. We had only a few quiz grades this semester which are weighted 40%).

Honors Precalculus: 95

AP English Language: 96

AP Physics 1: 96

Advanced Spanish: 96


Honors Chemistry: 90 91

AP World History: 90 97 5

Spanish 2: 98 96

Visual Arts: 100

Theology 2: 98 99

Honors Algebra 2: 85 90

Into to Computer Science: 99

Honors English 2: 97 98


Honors Biology: 92 91

Freshman World History: 96

Spanish 1: 99 98

Art Fundamentals: 96

Theology 1: 100 100

Geometry 9: 91 93

Honors English 1: 94 96

Speech Communications: 100

My plan is to get a 96 in AP Chemistry this semester so my GPA II average (Based on numerical grades / determines class rank & top 6%) will be a 90. Honestly I don’t think it’ll be really impossible because AP Chem wasn’t hard for me exactly it was just my circumstances.

GPA: 4.4+

UWGPA: My school doesn’t do this but it would probably be around a 3.9 at the end of this semester.

PSAT: 1440

SAT: 1410 (Paper/first try & retaking in March) - Aiming for a 1500+

ACT: Taking in April

With everything in mind, am I done for?


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